* Find out how to clean your furniture or carpet from pee with one amazing household ingredient!

The Magical Way to Clean Grease-Stained Carpets
After you perform the test, prepare a solution of 50 cl of white vinegar, 20 cl of lukewarm water, and 10 drops of hand dishwashing liquid.Fly the carpet with a cloth soaked in the solution and once dirty, change it. Working on  30 * 30 cm square at time. Then rub the rug with a dry cloth and let it dry without walking on it. It must be done during spring cleaning.

1) Steam cleaning your carpet
If you have steam cleaner, avoid putting cleaner in tank to use as little water as possible (so you don't soak the carpet), run the cleaner over the grain and avoid walking on wet parts.  Change the cleaning cloth regularly and allow it to dry completely before use.

2) Clean your heavily soiled carpet with soda crystals
After performing a test (see above), prepare a mixture of one liter of warm water and a glass of soda crystals. This miracle ingredient is one of the best natural cleaning ingredients. Put on household gloves and scrub the carpet with a cloth dampened with the mixture, changing it once it's soiled. Working on area by area, pat the surface dry while using a dry cloth and let it dry without walking on it.