°4 ears corn 1.2 kg
°1/4 c mayonnaise 60 g
°1/8 tsp pepper 0.4 g
°40 g feta cheese
°1/2 limes/limes [optional] 35 g


BBQ cooking
Do not remove the leaves. Let the cobs soak for about 10 minutes in a bowl of cold water. Drain and cook on a grill over medium-high heat until the leaves are charred, about 10 min. Peel the cobs (protecting yourself with gloves so as not to burn yourself) and continue cooking for another 10 min, until the cobs are browned in places. Turn the cobs often during cooking.
Fill  pot with water & bring to a boil. Add sugar, if desired, to enhance the naturally sweet flavor, but do not add salt or the corn will harden and lose flavor. Peel the cobs, remove all beards (threads), then plunge the cobs into boiling water. Bring back to a boil and cook until the corn is tender, 6-7 min, depending on the size, type and freshness of the cobs. Drain.
Microwave cooking
Remove the outermost leaves, but leave some to prevent the corn from drying out. Cook in the microwave oven, at maximum power, about 4-5 min for a single ear, 7 min for two ears. Let stand and cool for a few minutes before serving.
Prepare the seasoning
While the cobs are cooking according to the chosen method, mix the mayonnaise and cayenne pepper in a bowl. Grate the feta cheese and add it to the bowl.
Spread this mixture on the hot ears of corn. For an even more Mexican flavor, serve the corn with lime wedges.

Enjoy !